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Monthly Archives: June 2012

  • Happy 4th of July, America! Love, Vala

    Happy 4th of July!In celebration of our Independence Day this 4th of July, we here at Vala Dancewear wanted to take a moment and say, "Thank you" to all the hard-working dancers out there. Whether you wear your Vala to company class, rehearsal or summer course, we are PROUD and HONORED to serve you!

    Vala ~ Proudly Made in the USA

    When you purchase from Vala, you not only get a gorgeous leotard that moves, stretches and breathes (and let's face it - makes you look hotter than a firecracker!),  you also help boost our country's economy. That's because Vala Dancewear has been, and always will be, manufactured right here in the USA.Made-in-USA-Crop-plain-for-web-100

    With Vala, you get more than just a fabulous leotard. You also get American pride, American quality and all-American beauty!

    So, on behalf of all of us here at Vala...Happy 4th of July! And thank YOU for making us the hottest fashion-forward dancewear company in the nation! We LOVE you!

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