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  • Behind the Scenes with Lindsi Dec (Pointe Magazine Cover Shoot)

    pointe_lindsi_decHere's a fun "behind the scenes" look at Pacific Northwest Ballet soloist, Lindsi Dec's photo shoot video with Pointe Magazine!

    In the shoot, Lindsi is wearing two ensembles; the first is Class Act Tutu’s V Neck Tutu Bodice (in wine) and Classical Tutu skirt in Wine/Black

    The other one (as featured on p 10 of Pointe) is Vala Dancewear’s “Siren” in one of the new fabrics/colors we are testing (consider this a sneak peek!!!), along with Class Act Tutu’s Layered Romantic Tutu in our 5-Layer “Bird of Paradise” palette.

    If you want to own one of these georgeous tutus worn by Lindsi in the Pointe Photo shoot, they are in our Sample Sale!

    Not your size? No problem! Just contact us.

  • Vala Dancewear & PNB soloist, Lindsi Dec - Pointe Magazine Exclusive

    Photo by Nathan Sayers


    "Lindsi Dec steps out from the “Rubies” corps, lowering her arms slowly, a flash in her eyes. And then she bursts into action, her 5' 9" worth of angular beauty unfurling into head-high extensions. Darting and slinking through Balanchine’s hip-jutting steps, the Pacific Northwest Ballet soloist is having the time of her life. And so is the audience." - Pointe Magazine

    Congratulations to Pacific Northwest Ballet soloist (and Vala Dancewear model), Lindsi Dec - on her awesome feature in the October/November issue of Pointe Magazine! Read all about Lindsi, her rise to fame and her incredible work ethic here.

    {PS: On page 10, Lindsi is modeling Vala Dancewear's "Siren" in one of our new colors.   Don't miss it!}

  • Book Review: Where Snowflakes Dance and Swear

    jack6.000x9.000.inddOkay, ballet fans - be honest. How awesome would it be to spend an entire year exploring the inner-workings of one of the world's most celebrated ballet companies?

    Just think: You would observe countess rehearsals, exhilarating performances, daily classes, nerve-wracking auditions and necessary board meetings. You would get to know the dancers and their artistic director, the stage hands, lighting directors, costume designers, marketers, fundraisers - even catch a glimpse of a few dance moms and their children.

    Every question would be answered. Every rumor laid to rest. Absolutely no one (and nothing) would be off limits! It would be a dream come true, right?

    Well, give yourself a good pinch because trust me - you're awake and your wish has been granted! In his newest book, Where Snowflakes Dance and Swear, best-selling author, Stephen Manes pulls back the gilded stage curtain and shares what it was like to spend a year with Seattle's own Pacific Northwest Ballet.

    Four years in the making, Where Snowflakes Dance and Swear isn’t just another textbook-ish tome; it instead reveals just how ballets are produced, marketed, and funded. In short, this beefy book – with all of its juicy gossip and first-hand dancer accounts – boldly goes where no balletomane has gone before!

    Through Manes’ watchful eye, you’ll discover many facets and secrets of the Land of Ballet such as: What it takes to keep the holiday cash-cow known as Nutcracker running year after (endless) year; how the company survived its most tumultuous, injury plagued and downright stressful staging of Roméo et Juliette; the harsh reality of “body is destiny”, and just how much a dancer will (can?) put up with - physically and emotionally - before calling it quits.

    You will be a fly on the wall during artistic director, Peter Boal’s most difficult decisions and discover why he and others in his position must be “willing to be hated”. You’re there as members of the “Who’s Who in Choreography” (Christopher Wheeldon, Twyla Tharp, Jaime Martinez, and Bernice Coppieters), give corrections and guidance for proper staging of their work. You’ll also witness the drama that surrounds a dancer's life - the fiery contentions, the painful jealousies and cherished friendships.

    Also revealed are the accounts from Pacific Northwest Ballet School students, as well as those from the oftentimes unsung "heroes of the pit" - orchestra pit, that is.

    Now although PNB is certainly at the book’s center, Where Snowflakes Dance and Swear is by no means exclusive to the Seattle crowd. In fact, this literary work of art (not exaggerating!) could have just as easily been written about any other top ballet company, from New York to London. Because no matter how you slice it, a dancer’s needs, desires, fears and frustrations are the same.

    Quite honestly, I cannot say enough great things about this book. Its exciting and insanely in-depth coverage of "life on the inside" is exactly what tired, musty-dusty dance library shelves have been craving for years! Stephen Manes has done an excellent job at conveying all the intricacies of a ballet company's success, without sacrificing a single note from the chorus of countless artistic voices behind it. (Bravo!)

    From union mandates to marketing strategies, to painful injuries to exhausting perfectionism, Where Snowflakes Dance and Swear leaves no stone left unturned and is an absolute must for the die-hard ballet fan!

    To read excerpts (Come on, you know you're dying to!) and to purchase a copy of the book in either hardcover or digital format, please visit Where Snowflakes Dance and

  • Historical Event - American Dancer Joins Bolshoi Ballet

    Photo Credit: Andrea Mohin/The New York Times


    In an exciting historical twist, an American dancer will join the ranks of Bolshoi Ballet's finest.

    David Hallberg, principal dancer with American Ballet Theater will become the first American to join the highly esteemed Russian company. Hallberg will dance as a premier, the equivalent of a "principal dancer".

    “Personally I feel a sense of responsibility as an American,” Mr. Hallberg said on Tuesday, adding that he was proud to join such a historic company. “I will be bringing something different to the company but I will also be respecting their traditions as well.” He said he was aware of the unique responsibility entailed in being a first. “There will be people watching,” he said. “I have to do it justice.” (The New York Times)

    Read all about this historical event here.

  • Stiefel, Murphy Head to Royal New Zealand

    Gillian Murphy and Ethan Stiefel, at home with their Abyssinian cat, Selah. (Photo Credit: Brian Harkin for The New York Times)


    Dancer extraordinaire, Ethan Stiefel and his equally amazing fiancee`, Gillian Murphy are heading to New Zealand in preparation for Stiefel's new gig as Artistic Director of Royal New Zealand Ballet. In The New York Times feature, Stiefel discusses both the transition and his plans for the company, along with the struggle of having to prepare their beloved "anti-travel" cat for the journey... Read more here.

  • Yamaha Pianos + Pittsburgh Ballet = Sweet Music!

    yamahapianoPittsburgh Ballet Theatre is celebrating its partnership with Yamaha - making them the company's official piano supplier - with a piano sale. Nearly 80 pianos of all sizes will be available for purchase, including some of PBT's own pianos. A portion of these proceeds will benefit the ballet company. The partnership provides PBT with pianos for its studios and the opportunity to buy new pianos over the next five years. "Live music is integral to our curriculum," said PBT school operations director Aaron Rinsema. Read more here.

  • Winger Contributing Writer to Attend SAB

    Photo courtesy of Alston Macgill


    Thirteen year old Alston Macgill received a highly coveted invitation to attend the year-round program at School of American Ballet (SAB) in New York. Alston began her dance training at the tender age of 2, was one of the top 12 of the Youth American Grand Prix at age 11, and recently took top honors at the YAGP in Philadelphia. In addition to her outstanding talent, the young lady is also a contributor at The Winger! Read more about Aston's exciting journey here.

    Congratulations, Alston! :)

  • Dancing in the (hot, sweltering) NY Streets

    Photo Credit: Splash News In an effort to boost low sales, Sony devised a most beautiful ad campaign featuring a twirling (and no doubt sweating!) ballerina!

    Crowds gathered by the side of the road to watch as a prima ballerina in full costume danced alongside traffic on a busy freeway. The dancer was performing a sequence as she filmed an advert on 7th Avenue in Manhattan dressed in a full, lilac tulle tutu and structured bodice.

    In the past week, temperatures in New York have soared to 110F but the dancer pirouetted and leapt repeatedly to get the right shot for the Sony ad. Check out the photos from the set along with the remainder of this article here.

  • New Reality Show Goes Behind the Scenes with Miami City Ballet

    enpointe There's a new dance reality TV show in the works, one that will take viewers behind the scenes of the America's top ballet companies and showcase dancers both on and off the stage. En Pointe will showcase Miami City Ballet during its premiere episode this fall.

    To learn more about En Pointe and to stay informed about upcoming air dates/times, visit their Facebook page . (While you're there, be sure to check out the neat behind the scenes photos while on the set at Miami City Ballet!)

  • Sir Paul McCartney's Pas de Deux with NYCB

    7292962_paulmaccartney_240As we first mentioned back in June, the former Beatle was tapped to score an "unnamed" ballet for an "unnamed" ballet company. Well, the cat's been let out of the bag!

    The name of the ballet is "Ocean's Kingdom" and it's created especially for New York City Ballet. "Sir Paul has been working closely with Peter Martins, the company's ballet master-in-chief, who will choreograph the show. Martins said the idea of a collaboration struck him when he bumped in to the Beatle at a fund-raiser for the School of American Ballet (the training ground for the NYCB) last year: "I knew, of course, about his foray into classical music and his interest in it. I said to him, 'Maybe we could do something together,'" McCartney took him up on the idea, and the stage was set for a unique collaboration."

    You can read more about this legendary pas de deux in the making here.

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