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  • Black Swan Makeup Tutorial

    Re-create Natalie Portman's Black Swan look at home with the help of this incredible video tutorial! Videographer, Michelle Phan offers valuable tips and suggestions {along with a list of preferred cosmetics} to transform yourself from a fresh-faced Odette to an Oscar-worthy Odile in minutes!

  • Ballerina Cynthia Gregory Coaches Next Generation

    Photo Credit: Virginia Trudeau


    Here's an outstanding interview with former prima ballerina, Cynthia Gregory. Gregory, who spent more than 25 years with American Ballet Theatre, currently works with Nevada Ballet Theatre and directs the Cynthia Gregory Center for Coaching. "Coaching is what I do best. People would ask me to help them with a role when I stopped dancing. They'd commission me to do that. Teaching has to do with the basics of class and technique. I'm much more interested in helping a 'finished' dancer when they're looking at a role ... it's like finding your voice." ~ Quote: Cynthia Gregory for the SF Chronicle. Read more...

  • Sneak Peek: Pet Shop Boys' Ballet (Video + Score)

    Photo courtesy BBC News


    As we've reported previously, the Pet Shop Boys have written the score behind Javier De Frutos' contemporary ballet, "One Incredible Thing" which will premiere on March 17th at Sadler's Wells. Can't afford tickets to London? No problem! You can catch a behind the scenes look of the rehearsal footage--and listen to a sample of the score--here.

  • Ballet Flash Mob Dazzles Berlin Audience

    This is hands-down, one of the coolest things we've ever seen! Check out this amazing video footage of a ballet flash mob that took place in Berlin last week as a promotion for "Oz--The Wonderful Wizard"! (Can you spot anyone in particular?)

  • Wheeldon's 'Alice' Brings Magic to Royal Opera House

    In his exclusive interview with BBC News, choreographer Christopher Wheeldon discusses his ground-breaking production, Alice's Adventures in Wonderland "...the first new full-length ballet commissioned for London's Royal Ballet for 15 years, and the first specially composed for the company in 20 years. The Royal Ballet says the production, with its characters and designs, will be 'an assault on the senses'. Read Christopher's interview here.

  • Sir Paul McCartney's Pas de Deux with NYCB

    7292962_paulmaccartney_240As we first mentioned back in June, the former Beatle was tapped to score an "unnamed" ballet for an "unnamed" ballet company. Well, the cat's been let out of the bag!

    The name of the ballet is "Ocean's Kingdom" and it's created especially for New York City Ballet. "Sir Paul has been working closely with Peter Martins, the company's ballet master-in-chief, who will choreograph the show. Martins said the idea of a collaboration struck him when he bumped in to the Beatle at a fund-raiser for the School of American Ballet (the training ground for the NYCB) last year: "I knew, of course, about his foray into classical music and his interest in it. I said to him, 'Maybe we could do something together,'" McCartney took him up on the idea, and the stage was set for a unique collaboration."

    You can read more about this legendary pas de deux in the making here.

  • NYCB's Jenifer Ringer to Appear on Oprah

    nycbThis just in from New York City Ballet's Facebook page! NYCB principal, Jenifer Ringer will make a guest appearance on Oprah this Thursday, February 17th. {Check local listings.} The show will explore fascinating lives and will include an exclusive interview and behind-the-scenes footage of company class, rehearsal and a performance! Don't miss it!

  • Teenage Angst was Good for Something!


    San Francisco Ballet corps member, Charlene Cohen has a mind for business! Read the latest SF Ballet blog entry to learn the story behind Charlene's greeting card business, Modern Rubbish.

  • Review: Seattle Dance Project's Project 4

    Oleg Gorboulev in Planes in Air. Photo credit ZebraVisual, 2011


    In Project 4, Seattle Dance Project’s latest work, the troupe showcases powerful works created by contemporary female choreographers.

    “Planes in the Air”, choreographed by Molissa Fenley, is a lovely Asian-esque fan dance on a grand scale. Dancers Betsy Cooper and Alexandra Dickson made light work of those giant paper fans, maneuvering them about with such grace and control, the entire work appeared effortless. And just when I thought, “Their arms don’t even look tired! Mine would be quaking by now!” Cooper and Dickson then took turns using both fans simultaneously. I have only one word for that, folks. Wow!

    Cooper and Dickson are just lovely together and looked as though they were enjoying the gentle escape this piece provides. The incredible upper body strength these two possess in order to give such a light, airy feel to those fans is inspiring. {In fact, they made me want to grab a fan and join them!}

    “Surfacing”, choreographed by Heidi Vierthaler, is comprised of four dancers - Betsy Cooper, Lara Seefeldt, Michele Curtis and Oleg Gorboulev—and a single floor lamp. Filled with sharp biting angles, insane contortions and slightly robotic music, “Surfacing” manages to flow with an incomprehensible cat-like grace. The end of the piece features a brief pas de deux between Michele Curtis and Oleg Gorboulev, which provided a stunning visual treat! My only regret was that it had to end when it did.

    Ellie Sandstrom’s “Al Poco Tiemp” brought Alexandra Dickson and SDP co-founders Julie Tobiason and Timothy Lynch to the forefront. Tobiason moved with all the grace and precision you’d expect from a seasoned artist. She’s beautiful and powerful—almost fierce at times—and proves she’s still “got it going on!”

    Alexandra Dickson and Timothy Lynch in Al Poco Tiempo. Photo credit: Zebravisual, 2011


    Alexandra Dickson and Timothy Lynch are absolutely delicious together. In fact their chemistry is so powerful that at times I felt like I was intruding on a private moment. {Yet I couldn’t bear to avert my gaze for fear I might miss something extraordinary!} The piece echoed with all the passion, beauty, and turmoil of a ranging sea with Tobiason somehow guiding these two sailors/lovers safely into port.

    “Rodin” is an exquisite pas de deux choreographed by Pacific Northwest Ballet’s Stacy Lowenberg. This gorgeous piece, brought to life by the talented David Alewine and Michele Curtis, featured amazing panches, delicate arabesques and gentle developpes. Alewine and Curtis are sensual, passionate and nothing short of captivating. Pretty please, SDP—bring this piece back soon!

    The fifth and final piece was Hilde Koch’s “Torque”. This exotic game of Twister incorporates all eight dancers in a series of nimble twists, swift turns, careful rolls, and skillful catch-and-release moments. I particularly enjoyed the partnership between Alewine, Gorboulev, and Lara Seefeldt. As the two men skillfully passed Seefeldt between them, she didn’t remain a quiet bystander. Instead she seemed to perform her own solo on each of their shoulders. {Superb!}

    Michele Curtis and David Alewine in Rodin. Photo credit: Zebravisual, 2011


    Seasoned greatness peppered with fresh energy. That’s the only way I can describe my afternoon with Seattle Dance Project and I eagerly look forward to more of their endeavors in the future!

    ~Denise Opper, Vala Dancewear media liaison

  • Sightings!

    Check out the lovely and talented Miss Madison Abeo!

    The young dancer recently attended a Coastal Dance Rage convention where she was asked to assist choreographer, Francisco Gella during his master class! {How fabulous is that?!} In the video, Madison is wearing Vala Dancewear's "Triumph". Below the video clip are photos of Madison wearing "Siren". Doesn't she look darling?! We especially enjoy the bold splash of hot pink! Excellent choice! ;) {Video/Photos courtesy, Mariangela Abeo}


    Madison wearing Vala Dancewear's "Siren" Madison wearing Vala Dancewear's "Siren"

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