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  • Spine Tingling Halloween Treats

    untitledEverywhere from Victoria BC to Alabama, ballet companies are preparing for a fantastically fiendish Halloween. One of the most popular ballets featured this season is Dracula. This spine-chilling tale of old is pulsing with new blood--er, life--thanks to Huntsville Ballet Company, Alabama Ballet and Ballet Victoria.

    The Huntsville production of "Dracula--Crossing Over" will be shown in combination with artistic director, Philip Otto's "The Firebird". "Everyone knows the story of Dracula. Everyone knows who Dracula is. This is a new way to tell that story from a different angle," Otto said. "The intent is to show Dracula's struggle within himself. We will see the evil side of Dracula, but we will also see that he has a soul," Braly-Beutjer said. "It's not about Dracula going out and sucking people's blood. It's about how people struggle with choices and the effort to make bad choices right." ~ Quote: California Chronicle via Decatur Daily Alabama. For additional performance information, click here.

    DraculaforemailAlabama Ballet's original production of "Dracula" returns to the stage for the first time in over a decade. "Dracula, which debuted to a sold-out crowd in the late nineties (.....) is back once again in the old, gothic atmosphere of the Alabama Theatre, where organizers say it belongs. “When it comes to presenting a traditional period piece like Dracula, a historic venue like the Alabama Theatre adds to the performance. A spectator is already pulled into the story just by being at a venue with such age and tradition, and when we get on stage and all of the other elements come together, the drama of the organ music, the dark, somber costumes, the set, the props and the dry ice, it’s really a beautiful experience,” said Artistic Director Tracey Alvey." ~ Quote: The Birmingham Additional performance information can be found here.

    Andrea Bayne and Robb Beresford star in Twilight Tango. Photo Courtesy: Ballet Victoria


    Putting their own twist on this beloved horror story--complete with tango dancing-- is Ballet Victoria's "Twilight Tango-Requiem for a Vampire". “The vampire theme for this ballet came out of the history of tango and its dark, underground beginnings,” he added in a media release. “It also has a tremendous sensuality and a dark flavour, much like red wine, port, blood. Love and death in French, l’amour et la mort, share very close phonetic similarities and of course are linked through every story from the beginning of time.” Quote: Paul Distrooper, artistic director, via Click here for ticket information.

    And as mentioned in a previous post, we have Ichabod Crane and his terrifying run-in with a headless horseman in Portland Ballet's "The Legend of Sleepy Hollow". You can read all about here.

    Well that's about it for this Halloween's spooktacular events! What are you doing to celebrate this year? (By the way, if you happen to catch any of these shows leave a comment and tell us about it! We'd love to hear from you!)

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