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  • Alonzo King + Ballet = Serious Business

    AlonzoIMGFor Alonzo King, ballet is serious business indeed. The famed choreographer and artistic director of Alonzo King LINES Ballet recently interviewed with the Herald Scotland's own Phil Miller to discuss his intense dedication to the art of dance:  

    “As a young dancer, training with many leading schools and based in New York, he was reprimanded for his intensity and drive. He says that, like many dancers, he did not want to evolve in a steady, normal way – he wanted to be the best he could be immediately. “If you find young dancers, they know what they want from life. They know. You go into these schools and you see them: they are focused and have a mental design of what they want to become. It’s a remarkable thing to see and I was like that. I remember teachers would say: ‘Calm down, take it easy, relax,’ and I would think: ‘What are they talking about? They’re crazy! I have a lot to do here.’ I was intense. I still am.” ~ Quote Herald Scotland.  Read the rest of this fabulous article here. {FYI: He even discusses what it was like to teach Patrick Swayze during one of his last  films!}

    Alonzo King LINES Ballet performs in Edinburgh, Scotland August 26-29 at the Edinburgh International Festival.

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