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  • ABT's Med Team Keeps Dancers Balanced

    Julie Daugherty working on Melanie Hamrick. Photo by Susie Morgan


    "Dance medicine is a relatively new field, pioneered by those who dared to understand the art form, to unravel its idiosyncratic aesthetics and its effects on the human body."

    As every dancer knows, keeping your body - or rather, your instrument - in top shape and injury-free requires more than attending daily class. Read how ABT is keeping its dancers in top condition with help from its highly trained medical staff...

  • Checking In with ABT's Kelley Boyd

    Kelley Boyd / American Ballet Theatre


    Very few people can claim to report to work as a ballerina. But Kelley Boyd can... Check out this fun albeit brief encounter with one of ABT's rising stars! (You can listen to the audio or read the transcript - your choice!) :)

  • Ballerina Cynthia Gregory Coaches Next Generation

    Photo Credit: Virginia Trudeau


    Here's an outstanding interview with former prima ballerina, Cynthia Gregory. Gregory, who spent more than 25 years with American Ballet Theatre, currently works with Nevada Ballet Theatre and directs the Cynthia Gregory Center for Coaching. "Coaching is what I do best. People would ask me to help them with a role when I stopped dancing. They'd commission me to do that. Teaching has to do with the basics of class and technique. I'm much more interested in helping a 'finished' dancer when they're looking at a role ... it's like finding your voice." ~ Quote: Cynthia Gregory for the SF Chronicle. Read more...

  • ABT's Company B

    American Ballet Theatre dancers in "Company B," a retro-themed work that is effervescent, but not simply an exercise in nostalgia. Photo Credit: Rosalie O' Connor


    “A tribute to the generation that fought in World War II, “Company B” takes its title from an accompanying big band medley by the Andrews Sisters. Their sassy “Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy” was a hit in 1941; the bugle boy was drafted again a half-century later, in 1991, when Taylor made his dance a wake-up call for audiences.

    "There is this overriding enthusiasm, constantly bubbling to the surface,” says Patrick Corbin, the celebrated Taylor dancer who staged the work for ABT. Snapping fingers and jazzy articulations give “Company B” its period feel. What gives it lasting impact, though, is its depiction of young people gaily showing a brave face to tragedy. ~

    {I now have a sudden urge to hear, "Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy", what about you? :) } Further details about this "modern classic" can be found here.

  • ABT's Nutcracker T-Shirt Design Contest

    Sketch by Richard Hudson. Copyright 2010 Ballet Theatre Foundation, Inc. All rights reserved.


    Attention young artists! This one's for you! American Ballet Theatre invites young artists, ages 4-17, to design a T-shirt inspired by ABT’s World Premiere production of The Nutcracker, choreographed by Alexei Ratmansky, performing at the Brooklyn Academy of Music, BAM Howard Gilman Opera House, from December. 22 – January 2, 2011.For detailed contest information including submission dates, please click here!


    PS: If you're the lucky winner, be sure to tell us about it! We'd love to give you a special shout-out!

  • ABT's Kevin McKenzie Coaches Orlando's Giselle

    Kevin McKenzie, artistic director of American Ballet Theatre, works with Orlando Ballet dancers Patric Palkens and Katia Garza.


    Seems like everywhere you look, there's another production of Giselle popping up! In this article, "Kevin McKenzie, artistic director of American Ballet Theatre, has been looking in on rehearsals for “Giselle” as he visits the company led by his friend Robert Hill, an alumnus of American Ballet Theatre." (....) Read the article here.

  • Dancers Break World Record

    Over 200 dancers gather in Central Park to "Break the Ballet Record" of the most dancers en pointe at once.


    "American Ballet Theatre principal dancers Michele Wiles and Craig Salstein led the record attempt, which was also a fundraiser for the Kips Bay Boys and Girls Club dance program. Dancers from the club's ballet school, which is part of the Angelina Ballerina Stars of Tomorrow program, performed before the attempt." ~ Quote

    Read more about this exciting event here. While you're there, be sure to check out their awesome photo slide show!

  • Twin Brothers Win Full Scholarships to ABT

    Meet Brooklyn's newest young stars! Twelve year old brothers, Shaakir and Naazir Muhammad, dubbed "the Billy Elliots of Brooklyn", have won full scholarships to the prestigious American Ballet Theatre in Manhattan. Read more of their amazing story here and check out the video clip below!

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