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  • The Bolshoi Academy Celebrates First British Grad

    Check out this amazing story! Nineteen year old Henry Perkins is the first Briton to graduate from the highly esteemed, very rigorous Bolshoi Ballet Academy.

    _Henry-Perkins-1_1667319c"The academy, which has turned out stars such as Maya Plisetskaya and Maris Liepa, is famed for its technical brilliance and for the stamina it expects in its elite students. Dozens of other British ballet students have applied over the years, but the only other one to have been accepted, Ralf Pickering, did not complete the course. Just getting a place is a colossal achievement - not least because students have to follow Russia's standard school curriculum simultaneously. When Henry first arrived, he could speak no Russian and had to converse with his classmates using a dictionary." ~ Quote The London Telegraph

    You can read more about Henry's inspirational journey here.

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