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  • Gelsey Kirkland Comes Full Circle

    Gelsey Kirkland, the former American Ballet Theater star, puts her pupils through their paces at her new school in TriBeCa. Photo Credit: Andrea Mohin/The New York Times


    Last month, Gelsey Kirkland - one of the world's most beloved ballerinas of all time - and her husband, Michael Chernov, opened The Gelsey Kirkland Academy of Classical Ballet.

    The New York Times recently picked up the story and I must say, it's fabulous! Here's my favorite quote:

    "Ms. Kirkland’s classes usually run long: creating an expressive, sensitive instrument that is also healthy is painstaking. “Instead of running away from something,” Ms. Kirkland said, “you have to be able to hang in there and work through it, and that develops an ability to tolerate hardship. This element of suffering through is what gives a dancer that translucent quality onstage. It creates a sense of eternity.” ~ Quote: The New York Times

    Ah...spoken like a true artist! You can read the rest of the inspiring interview with Ms. Kirkland here.

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