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  • Philadelphia's First Prima Ballerina Speaks at Drexel

    Media Credit: Mike Arrison. Founding prima ballerina of the Pennsylvania Ballet, Barbara Sandonato lecturing at Drexel University.


    Philadelphia's first prima ballerina, Barbara Sandonato recently lectured at Drexel University about George Balanchine's impact on ballet. "Her stories of entering his school and his effect on her following career were filled with hilarious anecdotes and emotional memories that showed just how influential the man had been - not only in her own life, but also in many others. ~Quote: The

    "The man had a way about him," Sandonato said, as she recounted the years she spent as his student. "He emphasized the flow of body and speed. The body should never get 'stuck'," Sandonato said while explaining some of the huge technical changes Balanchine had brought to the ballet world."

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