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  • Thoughts of Summer on Our Mind

    Now that summer intensive auditions are over, thousands of dance hopefuls are eagerly awaiting acceptance letters from their schools of choice. Whether you've been through the process numerous times or are just starting out, summer intensives are highlight and rite of passage in a dancer's training.

    Natalee wearing "Enchant" (Vala Dancewear Style #22108)


    With that in mind, I decided to take a moment and ask our very own Vala tester, Natalee Maxwell about her summer dance experiences...

    Natalee writes:

    My experiences with summer dance intensives have been really beneficial to my growth in dance. I have gathered priceless knowledge from my summer travels to Texas, California, and Washington. Since the training was so rigorous and effective, I was able to develop so much in a condensed period of time. I seemed to think that 6 weeks might seem too long to stay interested in a dance intensive, but I have learned that the time just flies by when you are learning and excelling so much.


    Getting to know and be known by many impressive teachers from around the country is a total delight as well. With each teacher, I had a fresh take on their preferred techniques and styles. By having an open mind towards the teacher’s likes allowed me to become a better-rounded dancer, able to modify myself more easily. I also enjoyed being able to take part in classes with international dancers as well as Americans. I was able to see the caliber of dancers that were out there, and break free of my so-called “small town” of Albuquerque. It was important for me to venture out and see what bigger companies and programs had to offer.


    As the audition season begins, I look forward to my summer training, as there will always be something new and exciting for me to discover in the art of dance.

    We would like to hear of your summer experiences as well!  Send us an email. And who knows? We may be contacting you to share your summer intensive experiences as well!

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